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Professional carpet cleaning is essential for creating and maintaining clean and healthy home or office environment. Carpeting traps all sorts of airborne particles like dust, organic compounds, chemicals and hard substances. These are not only hazardous, able to trigger allergies, but they also destroy carpet fibres and could be harmful and dangerous for your health. Regular carpet cleaning will not only refresh your home or office, but it will also extend the life of your carpets. With proper carpet maintenance, a quality carpet can last for as long as 20 years and even more.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Leeds

If your office carpets are looking just a little past their best, at A1 Professional Cleaning we provide several professional commercial carpet cleaning services, developed to thoroughly carpets in high-traffic areas such as offices and shops. Our knowledgeable team are experienced in commercial carpet cleaning throughout Harrogate and utilise a number of highly effective carpet cleaning techniques that will leave your carpets fresh and hygienically clean.

The Dry Fusion carpet cleaning system is at the cutting edge of today’s carpet cleaning technology and at A1 Professional Cleaning, we use Dry Fusion along with other very effective systems when cleaning commercial carpets. Dry Fusion will deep-clean carpets and then leave them dry enough to walk on after only 30 minutes, which makes this method the perfect option for offices, shops and businesses. The Dry Fusion will clean your commercial carpets incredibly quickly: in just one step our Dry Fusion machine hot cleans the carpet whilst at the same time applying an odour-neutralising and stain resistant finish, leaving the carpet almost dry enough to walk on.

Among the longest established companies offering commercial carpet cleaning in Harrogate, at A1 Professional Cleaning we’re pleased to be one of the few licensed operators of the Dry Fusion carpet cleaning system working in the area. Bactoshield – an efficient stain blocker and Triclosan, a treatment used to kill deep-down bacteria and germs are used in the Dry Fusion system and give excellent defence against viruses such as E-Coli and MRSA.

The products used in the Dry Fusion system are naturally fragranced with vanilla and orange; because they are made from naturally degradable ingredients there’s no need to worry about any risk to asthma or allergy sufferers.

In addition to Dry Fusion, at A1 Professional Cleaning we also use the highly effective Pure Fusion, a product which has been designed to deep-clean synthetic carpets such as those widely used in offices and shops. Pure Fusion will add an anti-static finish to your carpets, making it perfect for use in offices or computer suites, to help prevent a build-up of static electricity.

At A1 Professional Cleaning we also use a hot water extraction system to deeply clean both domestic and commercial carpets. We’ve been using hot water extraction ever since the 80s and since then we have seen significant advancements in the design of hot water extraction cleaning products and equipment. At A1 Professional Cleaning we’re skilled in commercial carpet cleaning Harrogate wide and have invested in the latest hot water extraction system products and solutions to guarantee exceptional results. The carpet cleaning products we use are bio-degradable and several are also phosphate and detergent free.

A1 Professional Cleaning – Experts in commercial carpet cleaning Harrogate

We always adjust the cleaning methods and products we use according to the type of carpet we are cleaning as we know that this is the best way to get good results. With over 2 decades of experience in cleaning carpets, our skills and expertise allow us to transform even heavily soiled carpets, removing stains and returning them to a good condition.

As an experienced company providing commercial carpet cleaning throughout Harrogate, we’d be happy to offer further details of our reputable, efficient carpet cleaning services for home and office. So before you splash out on a brand new carpet, bear in mind professional carpet cleaning is an excellent way to refresh and invigorate your carpets, leaving them clean and protected from staining.

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